H is for Hermès: The Birkin Budget

Bonjour mes amies !

I love discussing money. Credit scores, savings, investments, you name it, I’ve chatted about it.

While I’m nowhere near where I want to be financially, I make wise choices daily to get there.

So why am I choosing to “save” for my BIRKIN when I can purchase it now (paid in full, no line of credit, without interfering avec other financial obligations or goals)?

Because I remember when Kate Spade was a luxury pour moi.

I won’t say that I’ve become detached, but having disposable income has made luxury goods trés trés attainable pour moi. I remember saving for MONTHS for an SLG and coveting it to no end.

Now, I have a LOFT “filled” with luxury pieces I haven’t even opened.

This post isn’t to brag. It’s to put things into perspective pour moi and anyone who has found themselves more financially stable than they once were and not quite cherishing things as they once did.

I’m beyond blessed to have the option/means to buy the bag of my dreams, but the extremely grounded part of moi wants to go through the saving process and feel the sense of accomplishment I once did when I saved for my first Kate Spade bag.

So how do I plan to “save” for my beloved BIRKIN? Here are a few small steps I plan to make:

Going TO the Store

I know that this may sound a bit counterproductive, but I believe doing so will save me more money than I think. Shamefully, I order beaucoup online from one website whose name I shall not mention. Hint; this particular website often delivers the random things I think I need the same day.

Not only is the constant shopping/shipping financially draining, but it’s also horrible for the environment.

By forcing myself to physically go to the store versus a few clicks from my phone, I know the chances of me actually making that trip is slim to none. As if I didn’t like shopping (truly, I don’t) before, having to load up an infant and brave a germ-ridden outside is more than enough to make me evaluate just how bad I “need” an item.


Over on Instagram and my vlog, I have taken mes amies avec moi to the nail salon several times. A few months back, I randomly had the urge (I have this urge once a year) to get acrylic nails. Because nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, lasts on my nails (I’ve had 80€ nail services, and that didn’t last) in two months, I spent over $200 at the salon; fills, polish changes, and nail repais..

As it stand mes amies, I plan to return to my at-home manicures.

Ordering Takeout

One of the few times I cooked in 2020

Oddly enough, since stay-at-home orders have been lifted, I have found myself ordering in beaucoup. I was always one to pack lunches and meal prep, but for over a year, I have found myself cooking less. One of the reasons is pregnancy. While pregnant with my seven-month-old (affectionately known as “Babiccina” on Instagram), the smell of any food being prepared made me nauseous. Since giving birth, I’m still operating on the no-cooking habit.

If The Husband isn’t cooking, I’ve been ordering in.

I have now made the conscious (read BIRKIN) decision to limit, not end ordering in/dining out to once a week. I’m wholly realistic when setting financial goals.


Why am I going every four weeks? As with most hair removal services, after years of implementation, hair growth lessens. I was so accustomed to going every four weeks that I never questioned if that was necessary. I’ve been informed that I could certainly go six weeks or more (I wouldn’t dare go more.) Extending my appointments two weeks will save me $720.00 a year (and that’s not including tips.)

Selling Whats Doesn’t Serve Moi

Over on Instagram (you should really follow me on the ‘Gram, I post there daily), I posted that I have been contemplating selling some of my designer bags. While I haven’t decided exactly which bags, I want to make a point to start selling many of the pieces that I know wholeheartedly no longer serves me.

One would think this would be second nature since my blog is titled Cappuccinos and Consignment. I have admittedly failed at the Consignment portion of Cappuccinos and Consignment because, well, I’m a hoarder. I keep everything I purchase with the intent to sell.

I plan to do better.

Voila mes amies. I’m fully aware that these steps alone won’t buy my BIRKIN, but it will give me the sense of “sacrifice” I subconsciously seek because, to date, my Birkin will be my biggest purchase outside of Real Estate or vehicles.

Are you saving for a luxury item? How do you plan to do so?

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Luxonthebus

    The requirement to shop in store is so helpful. Last week I joined a running club. Immediately I decided I needed new running shoes. I almost ordered online but athletic footwear can be so expensive and fussy I decided it would be best to go in and be fitted at a running store. A few days passed and I had not found the time. Then, my husband found a pair of Nike running shoes in the hallway closet. Still in box and unworn. I have most things I need (or a close substitute) waiting a few days gave me time to shop my own closet and instantly save $150.

    • I’m SOOOOOO proud of you!!! You never cease to amaze me! I’m just learning the perils of athletic shoes. The Husband ordered me a pair of custom Nikes (in my size) but they’re too small 😫 I am heartbroken. So in-store shopping it is.

  2. Maddy Cox

    Can I just tell you how ecstatic I am to have just discovered you? First on Youtube (I subscribed of course!) then Insta and as I seek to begin a blog of my own, here you are! You are so refreshing to all that is out there on social media. I love it all! Your idea of saving for the big “B” even though unnecessary really gave me pause in that I am one who is usually always in Loreal mode, with the “I’m worth it” mentality and have a horrific habit of sometimes spending beyond my means for that perfect bag or luxury planner. That robbing Peter to pay Paul was me for a very long time. But as I began this year in deep reflection and yearning to simplify and declutter, I too began selling items on Posh but as I work to purge books, bags, shoes and clothing it hurts to to note just how many are still unused with tags on them. All those funds gone. I plan to learn a lot from you and found you right on time!

    • Bonjour mon amies Maddy! Your message means so much to me! I am a HUGE advocate for great personal finance habits. In the world of social media, it’s soooooo easy to get caught up in constantly shopping and wanting the latest and greatest. Oh, I know that feeling all too well, looking at your hard enough money hanging with tags on them 😭 and sadly, many of those items we’ll never get back what we paid for it. I must say that I am SOOOOOO proud of you, and I will be here rooting for you on your financial and blogging journey.

  3. I have been wanting a Birkin for quite a while. I have used this saving plan for other things and for some reason I hadn’t thought about it for my Birkin. This is my new plan. Thanks to one of your videos I’m in the process of setting up a Poshmark site for some old inventory from my store.

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