It Is Not A Box, C’est une Belle. Keeping Luxury Bags & Boxes

It is not a box. C’est une belle. 

Bonjour mes amies! After luxury shopping, I keep my bags and boxes. 

I eventually had to start giving them away because I’d collected too many over the years. 

After sharing my pending belle purge on Instagram, I was informed that I could sell my empty boxes and shopping bags for MONEY.

Oui mes amies, I had no clue that there was an extensive resell market for empty designer packaging. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, the prices in which people are willing to pay is astounding. 

Très, très petit sample of my boxes and bags.

Here are some of the listing prices I saw on resell sites while conducting my research:
Large Louis Vuitton shopping: upwards of $50.00+.
Large Louis Vuitton box: $65.00+.
Louis Vuitton Receipt Folder: $30.00+
Hermes large shopping bags: $75.00+
Hermes scarf boxes: $65.00+

Since I make the majority of my Chanel purchases at the mecca (Paris) my rare coveted white boxes are selling for upwards of $80.00. Oui, $80.00 for the tiny boxes.

Chanel History Lesson 101. 

#jujuthecamerakid & I. Chanel, Paris.

There is only one place in the world that you can receive a 31 Rue Cambon white Chanel box. 

Note: Chanel beauty products (purchased from anywhere) are in standard white boxes.

They are not and should never be mistaken for the 31 Rue Cambon white box. You can only receive these bags and boxes when shopping at the flagship in Paris. 

See, I knew the “worth” of luxury shopping bags and boxes before ever seeing the price in which people would pay for an empty one. 

Pour moi, the relics serve as tangible (outside of the purchase) reminders of the experiences once had while shopping at these locations. Memories are priceless.

These aren’t typical boxes or bags. The quality of the belles are amazing. 

Here are a few things I re-use my packaging for:


My belles I found in London

I never had a custom closet union installed in the dressing room because I questioned if it would one day be converted into a nursery. Many of the bags and boxes in my dressing room contain the item of purchase.   


Plastic bags drive me MAD. So much so that I wrote a letter to a corporation who switched from paper to plastic. I use these luxury shopping bags as the fashionistas “going-green” tote.

Market runs, returns, or to tote snacks. 

Display trays.

Wooden Pencils from a trip to Sweden. Hermes purchased in Madrid.

The sturdy belles are great display trays.  

After writing this entire blog, I now realize that I am a luxury hoarder. 

Perhaps I should start selling these belles? After all, if I did, I could earn well over $1,000+.

That’s (almost) the taxes on the holy grail bag that I want. 

Do you keep your luxury shopping bags?

Ciao for now!

Random videos of shopping and sipping champagne at Chanel in Paris avec mes amies.


  1. Melissa J

    Yes I resold my Chanel, Tiffany and Louis Vuitton bags and boxes online thru ebay. I just needed to get rid of the extra clutter. The banged up boxes and bags I keep and use until they rip and tear. The boxes especially for drawer management (underwear, tights, etc…). Keep the designer bags and boxes as long as you can. You already have the purse, jewel, etc….😉

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