Reciprocity: Supporting Your Favorite Content Creator(s)

Bonjour mes amies! As the year anniversary of Cappuccinos & Consignment swiftly approaches, I am still in awe. 

As I look back on this douze-mois journey so many thoughts and emotions resonate. 

It wasn’t until I began this endeavor that I discovered the overwhelming amount of time and energy that is involved with producing quality content. 

I admittedly thought it was absolutely ridiculous when I heard that bloggers, Youtubers, Influencers, (content creators) hired: assistants, social media strategist, or any other personnel for that matter. 

I truly thought:

“How hard can taking a pic and writing a blog be?”        

Mes amies, it ain’t (oui, I said ain’t) easy. 

Agreed, taking a picture isn’t the hardest but consistency and motivation is.

My plate is full.  Mommy, wife, full-time employee, language lessons, ever evolving certifications, and this year I added blogging, personal style services and Cappuccinos & Consignment Experiences.  It takes a significant amount of my time to write weekly blogs, record daily #ootd IG stories, assist my followers with locating items I’m wearing/have worn along with providing style tips on and offline.  The time I spend providing the aforementioned activities are just that, activities.  I am not paid by any of the brands I mention or link you to. 

While the Cappuccinos & Consignment Experiences come with a fee, that fee is poured directly into the Experience (bottomless Clicqout ain’t cheap!) 

I do this because I love it! And if you are reading this blog, viewing my stories and post, it is because you love the content I produce as well.

I thank you endlessly for your support.   

Below are cinq things you can do to show your appreciation and support to any content creator that adds value to your day/life that doesn’t cost you a penny. 

Un.  Like

That sounds so simple and it truly is.  If you are consistently visiting someone’s page there is undeniably a certain je ne sais qoui about the person and/or brand that prompts you to return.  Why not show them that they’ve done a great job? While I am not paid monetarily, I am paid tremendously every time someone likes or comments on my post.  That very small gesture motivates me to stay consistent and allocate the necessary time needed to produce content.

Case in point, I still have no clue how to use the business features of my account but I’ve recently been introduced to “impressions.” Its come to my attention that I have made consistent impressions on over 22,000 IG accounts, weekly. That’s hard for me to even fathom when I look at the amount of followers I have. A recent photo of mine made an impression on over 1,500 accounts. I thank EVERY single one of you who took the time to “like” my photo.


Deux.  Let “them” pay for you.

I have learned so much from my favorite YouTubers.  I look forward to their videos and I value the knowledge and/or tips that they share. After all, I wouldn’t continuously view their channel if they didn’t add to my day/life.  While those content creators may offer a service or product, there isn’t a guarantee that I am in need of what they are promoting/selling.  I do not suggest anyone purchase anything that isn’t of use to them at the moment. I do however suggest that you to let “them” pay for you. 

The “them” I am referring to are advertisers.  Be patient, let the (annoying) AD play prior to watching your favorite content creators’ video.  You aren’t CashApp-ing the creator for their time and resources so why not let someone else pay them so that you can continue to receive their valuable information.  I am not a Youtuber so this act of gratitude does not affect me.  I am however an advocate for showing appreciation to those that help you.

Trois.  Affiliate links.

This ties directly into “Let them pay for you.”  If a content creator has shared a link and or coupon code for an item or service that you actually purchase, why not use their link?  This costs you nothing (outside of the purchase you made.)  This does however help the content creator gain more “influence” which again directly helps you. 

Brands and companies often extend additional discount codes for content creators to share with their followers/subscribes IF they see (influencer analytics is an entire head spinning entity) that the creator is actually making a difference for their bottom line. 

This “affiliation” extends far beyond coupon codes and links.  Tagging the content creator in a post of you executing their style tips and/or recommendation is a tremendous thank you.   

Quatre. If you see something, say something.

Ok, I must give credit where it is due.  This is Metros motto; however, it is extremely applicable to content creators.  If a creator has made a lasting positive impression on you, why not share it?  “Sharing” isn’t solely a tagging or reposting venture.  Mentioning the blog/account/channel to friends and family for them to peruse at their own leisure is free and will again mean more than you know to the creator. 

Cinq.  Sliding in their DM. 

I just like saying “slide in my DM” but of course this could mean emailing or posting directly on their page.  Slide in your favorite content creators DM and tell them that you see them and you value what they are doing.  TRUST ME, this act of kindness has truly brought tears to my eyes.  I have received messages from women that have shared intimate details of how viewing my daily #ootd stories and post have assisted and inspired them. 

One woman in particular shared with me that she had been extremely depressed and had totally given up on her appearance.  She said, “my looks reflected how I felt.”  She told me that watching my #ootd stories inspired her to care about not only her appearance but herself.  This self-care began with actions that did not require her to spend a penny.  She started painting her nails because she loved my #manimonday post.  That evolved to her actually ironing and planning outfits for the following day.  For almost a year she’d worn unkept garments because she didn’t care.  Now mes amies, I get weekly photos of her wardrobe planning.

I’ve received messages from woman sharing that they are now inspired to get their finances in order.  For so long they didn’t think they could save because of their salary.

Solo travel, yeap! I received a message from a subscriber in Croatia thanking me for encouraging her to not wait for family and friends but to take a trip on her own.

This post is not intended to shame or display a scene of “entitlement.” I want this post to raise awareness. Way to often do we only show support, love and encouragement once something awful has happened. As my late Gma would say “I want to smell my roses while I’m alive.” I can only assume (I never asked her) that saying loosely translates to, don’t wait until my funeral to bring me flowers. Show me that you care, now.

Content creation takes A LOT. Money, resources but most of all the ultimate prized possession, time. I will not receive a monetary return on the time I have invested these past douze-mois sharing resources and insight. I’ve remained consistent and I have flourished with less than a fraction of the “impressions” I’ve made. Imagine what I could/would do if I knew people were actually interested in the contented I produced.

I am challenging everyone from this moment on to reciprocate. We want to know where the content creator got her dress from. We want to know how she affords to travel. We want to know how she gained followers and/or built her brand. I say “we” because I am included in this curiosity. We want so much from someone that we may or may not know yet we often are unwilling to outwardly display our support for them.

I can only speak for myself but I’m certain content creators all over would echo these sentiments.

I can personally say your messages, tags, spreading the world, likes and comments continue to pay me more than any endorsement could. 

I thank each and every one of you with my entire heart for your compassion, support but mostly for your time.   

Merci beaucoup mes amies 

@taffyindc was the FIRST person to ever repost me. I had about 6 followers and a half a blog post published but she supported me.

How do you show your favorite content creator that you care?

Ciao for now.


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