I “Need” a Getaway. But Will That Solve Your Problems?

I hear this statement so often.

And when I do, I simply smile and nod at the speaker.

That statement is often made in the midst of a mental or emotional meltdown.

I’m guilty of it myself. 

But after I allow myself to sulk for an allotted period (oui, I now set a timer for how long I can be sullen or obsessive) I laugh.

After that light chuckle, I ask myself a very vital question “what is getting away going to do for me?”

Did you know that when you get/run away, whatever issues you are facing and can’t quite manage will still be there when you return? Or worse, you’ll spend your time away worried and stressed.

I’m often told “you don’t understand, you’re always going somewhere.” 


But when I do, I’m going away…not getting away. I’m going away because I want to see an exhibit, visit a friend, or have a glass of champagne abroad. 

Not to escape my reality (which isn’t all champagne & CHANEL.)

As a rule, I force myself to ensure that everything is in order prior to departing; financially, personally and professionally. 

There’s nothing healthy about running away, trust me. I’ve learned the hard way.

Whether it’s a 30 min. road trip or an 18 hr flight, the goal of going away is to create new memories, explore something new and/or meet a new beau!

I beg you not to get/run away. Flights, gas and lodging is entirely too expensive to spend most of your time obsessing about what isn’t right.

There isn’t anything fabulous about fretting while feasting on frites en France.

Besides, “baggage” isn’t tres chic.

Unless it’s LV. 

Do you find yourself getting/running away versus going away? Do you think there’s a difference?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Ciao for now 💋

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  1. Stacey Mac

    I treat my get always as a time to regroup and have self care time. My time to relax. I will one day be able to book a flight off the spur of the moment and just go.

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