Bon (Petit) Voyage: Weekend Getaways

Cast of Characters

Jessie: A classically chic woman in her eailers 30s

Officemate Un: *insert your image of a typical officemate.

Officemate Deux: Same

Officemate Trois: Ditto

Officemate Quatre: Likewise


Officemates are gathered by the Mr. Coffee


Lundi morning

Act I

Scene 1

Officemate Un: (grunting in frustration) Of course we’re out of creamer! As if Monday’s arent awful enough

Officemate Deux: (aggravated response) Just use the milk. It still smells fresh

Officemate Trois: (over the week already) It’s too early for this. Call me when the coffee is ready

*Jessie approaches the coffee watering hole while sipping a cappuccino prepared at her desk*

Jessie: (annoyingly chipper) Bonjour mon amies!

Officemate Quatre: (begrudgingly trying to remember high school French) Yeah, yeah Au Revior to you too.  Was the weekend long enough for you?

Jessie: Oui Monsieur! You’d be surprised how much you can see with 48hrs en Quebec, *sips cappuccino* à plus tard!

End Scene

Perhaps it’s moi tres petite attention span but I actually prefer shorter stays. I live by the notion that if I truly enjoy a city that much, I’ll go back.  I have taken weekend trips (bonjour Cairo) that many people would require a minimum of two weeks for.  I believe that the shorter the stay, the more relaxed and realistic you can and will be when planning. I have seen week long vacation itineraries from preparing travelers that made me nauseated:

08:15: Musee’ D’Orsay

08:28 Take picture of museum pass

08:46: Take four sips of water

09:11: Check plans for 10:53

10:17 Blink

Doing absolutely nothing in Paris, et l’aimer

I am NOT that person.  On most petit voyages, I do nothing but sit in a café ALL day.  Occasionally switching from espresso to rouge vin and I couldn’t ask for a better time.

Here are the top five reasons I prefer shorter stays:

Un. Lack of preparation.

Ensembles for a weekend en Montreal

Planning a two-day trip requires less of my time than putting on all of my bracelets.  You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to plan a trip of that duration, internationally or domestically.  Road trips truly require petit planning, just gas and a destination. Airbnb makes finding of the moment lodging insanely easy.  You can search by location, amenities or price for typically a fraction of the cost of a hotel.  I prefer Airbnb because of the intimacy and true local feel.  Depending on your budget last minute international trips will require at least a few days (or weeks) solely for the ticket.  I have actually booked an international trip two days before departing (I can blog about that experience if anyone is interested.)  Packing for a two day trip also requires tres petit preparation.  I always count the outfit I’m wearing as one of the three ensembles.  As I type I am currently on a petit voyage en Montreal. For this trip I packed: two dresses, one shirt, travel size toiletries and my coat.  I didn’t pack any shoes.  I ensured that the pumps I wore to the airport were comfortable for a weekend of walking.

Duex. Laissez-faire   

Mont Royal Barbie Exhibition, Montreal

Plan one or two things that you would like to see or do and nothing more. If you discover that you love the city, go back!  I’ve been to Montreal a few times and during each visit I make a point to stay in a different neighborhood and visit another attraction of my choosing.  On this visit I only planned to see the Barbie exhibition and possibly ride the ferris wheel.  That was it.  To my surprise I actually did more but had I not, I would’ve been just as satisfied because I didn’t have the pressure of checking a million things off of my list.  Don’t feel pressured by national attractions.  I have been to Paris more times then I can recall (I can recall them all, I just like saying that) and I STILL haven’t finished touring the Louvre.  I know my fellow art historians are gasping for air but I had a choice to make.  Do I want to spend two of my three days in Paris surrounded by other tourist in a museum? Or practicing French with a fromagère in the 16th? Plan your “must sees” to what suits you, not “the top five attractions all travelers must see when visiting (insert city.)”

Trois. Moins est Plus

Eating a sheep head at a gas station, Reykjavik

You will rarely (if ever) hear me say this but less can actually be more.  Shorter stays afford more luxuries.  During a deux-trois toujors trip, it is possible to dine at all cinq star restaurants or stay in luxury penthouses. When it comes to dining there is certainly no middle ground with me.  I will eat steamed sheep’s head from a gas station and a 250CAD confit canard avec fois grais on the same day.  It’s all about experience.  Additional spending money at your destination because of a shorter stay certainly allows you to choose which route you’d like to take; gritty or glam.

An American in Paris Matinee, Toronto

Quatre. No PTO? You’re still GTG.

Whether you’ve just starting your job or you burn leave the moment its received, petit voyages ensures that no leave is needed.  By leaving the office at 15:oo (on a Vendredi) you can possibly land/arrive with plenty of time to dance, dine or enjoy a late show at the theatre.

Cinq.  Cappuccinos, Mr. Coffee en Convo.

How “fetch” (I don’t care what Regina says, fetch is lit Gretchen) was the scene from my pending musical “le Office”? It’s technically not bragging if someone inquiries about your weekend.  A petit voyage is a perfect amount of time to hit the reset button while creating shock and awe during Lundi morning coffee roundups.

Get started with planning your premiere or quinzieme petit voyage avec moi AirBnb code and you’ll receive a $40 travel credit!

Have you taken or are you planning a petit voyage?

What are some of your tried and true tips to ensure a meaningful weekend away?   

Ciao for now 💋


  1. La Petit Plaisir

    OUI. Of course we are interested in hearing more about you planning for an international trip in only two days! The inner planner in me wouldn’t know where to begin.

    • Will do! As odd as it sounds the first step in planning such a short stay is to not really plan. Pick the dates and book the flight. Then BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. I KNOW you wouldn’t plan an International trip from your phone, lol!

  2. Katrina Washington

    Every Blog gives to us readers 😃

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