Rouge Means Aller: Finding Your Flame

Well, rouge doesn’t even loosely translate to aller….however things will come full circle in a bit. 

What is it about le colour rouge that is so invigorating, so tantalizing, so authoritative, so “who’s going to check me…boo?”  

Le colour rouge is the sole (that’s a bit extreme) reason that this post is being published.

For years, I have flirted with the thought of blogging.  For years, everyone around me from mes amies to wasted women in European wash closets have told me that I should blog.  Yet, none of my international travels, IG worthy cocktails or designer bags sincerely ignited a lasting desire to take a moment and compose my many, many, random thoughts.

But this week, something changed. 

Something so invigorating, so tantalizing so authoritative, so “WHO’S going to check MOI…BOO?” *insert hand claps where appropriate* happened.  I wore ROUGE lipstick.  All week.

As an extreme amateur to the world of cosmetics, I OWN my trés, trés, basic beauty routine.  A few dabs of concealer, a few sporadic strokes of an eyebrow pencil to fill in these “one time in band camp” eyebrows of mine and I am ready to hit these international rues or domestic streets. 

Any woman, pardon moi; person (I took and passed my EEO Diversity/Inclusion training) who COMMITS to wearing ROUGE matte lips wholeheartedly understands that doing so is truly a commitment.  The constant *GASPS* “Did I have lipstick on my teeth when I smiled” or “how did it get on my eyelids” can be debilitating (ok, that’s a bit extreme.) Be that as it may those anxiety provocateurs pales in comparison to the force to be reckoned with that one (yes, still EEO Diversity/Inclusion ready) becomes when you do not in fact have le ROUGE lipstick on your teeth.   

This week I’ve embraced my inner ROUGE.

So, I, Jessie welcome and thank you endlessly for embarking on this blogging journey avec moi

Here you will find a weekly montage of financially savvy: style, travel planning, design, champagne sipping, cappuccinos, random French vocab and not so glamourous wife and mom rants.   

For the week ahead, I challenge everyone to find their inner and/or outer ROUGE.  Not the orphan Annie ROUGE that your dearest Granny (RIP Gma) used to apply moments before the church van arrived.  But le ROUGE that challenges you to order sashmi vs the trés, trés, basic California rolls.  Le ROUGE that offshoots brash twerking at the office copier while the socially awkward IT guy or girl (yes, I’m STILL EEO Diversity/Inclusion ready) changes the toner.  Le ROUGE that empowers you to order that venti soy latte knowing damn well there is only $2.39 left on the white elephant gift card Paul from payroll gave you because of “accidental” boob brush at the holiday fête.

Be Resourceful.  Be Radiant.  Be Resilient. 


Ciao for now 💋


  1. Chrissey

    And I am absolutely in love! As I sit smiling like a proud sister I am overwhelmed with excitement of what’s to come!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING EPIC!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    💋Love You💋

  2. Stephanie

    The last paragraph took me out LMAO

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