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Unpaid Internships Continue to Create Barriers in Fashion

Unpaid Internships Continue to Create Barriers in Fashion

As Fashion Month begins, and the glitz and glamour of street style and runway looks flood our feeds, my heart aches for the many who could not pursue their dreams of entering the field of fashion because of financial restraints. Unpaid Internships Continue to Create Barriers in Fashion. Bonjour mes amies! I have been in the fashion industry for much…

Why Do High-End Designers Collaborate with Bargain and Fast-Fashion Brands?

Why Do High-End Designers Collaborate with Bargain and Fast-Fashion Brands?

Bonjour mes amies! As more and more designers collaborate avec lower priced point stores, the internet’s lovers of coveted luxury continue to be repulsed. If you’ve ever purchased a high/low designer collaboration and you have a public social media profile, you may have been met avec unpleasant comments. “This is why I no longer wear that designer; everyone can have…

Autumn Arrivals | Pre-Fall Fashions

Autumn Arrivals | Pre-Fall Fashions

Bonjour mes amies! The season that ushers in my favorite season is upon us, and yesterday, I did more shopping than I expected. Actually, I wasn’t expecting to do any shopping; I was supposed to be creating my F/W Financial Plan. Be that as I may, I found beaucoup fabuleux pieces that I shared on Instagram and Youtube. Without further…

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Je suis Jessie, and my blog Cappuccinos & Consignment, focuses on Life•Style•Travel, and, most importantly, Finance.


I hold a BFA in Fashion Design and French with a Minor in Art History (Mortuary Science and Public Health and Safety are my other degrees.)


I am a huge advocate of creating a luxurious life while maintaining optimal control of your finances. I share tips on everything from mixing patterns to addressing awkward financial conversations with friends to traveling abroad for the weekend. I am an avid Francophile and cappuccino connoisseur.


When I'm not blogging or styling couture and consigned pieces, I'm taking French lessons and listening to 1930s jazz.

Where to Consign and Thrift

Comprehensive lists of Thrift and Consignment Shops Around the World

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Voici, I have created a list of my go-to thrift and consignment shops from some of my travels.

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