NYFW: Everything that Glitters.

Bonjour mes amies! One year ago, an incredibly interesting public relations representative extended me a Media/Influencer invite to attend a fashion show at the renowned: NYFW (New York Fashion Week.) I gasped! You could only imagine how thrilled I was. At that time, I had only been blogging and present on social media (Instagram) for [...]

Quatre Yeux: All About Glasses

I can still see the lights of my LA Gears reflecting from the Pennsylvania Ave S.E. storefronts.  Ma mere walked as I skipped along heading to the second floor of semi-enclosed professional building.  When I opened the door, the bells sound of "doon-doon" alerted the optical sale associate of our arrival.  After being greeted and checking [...]

Shoot Your Shot: Asking for Photos

Bonjour mes amies! I don’t like having photos taken of me.  I’m more than certain some audibly gasped and/or called me a ________ (insert your word of choice) liar. C’est vrai! I am overly critical of myself and I’m truly not photogenic.  Some people have that certain je ne sais qoui that allows them to [...]

C’est un fête!

Bonjour mes amies! This Sat, Feb 1st we will celebrate Cappuccinos & Consignment's first birthday! It's still so surreal. Now, to the logistics. You all will meet the driver at 4:45PM at Penn Station in Baltimore. If that is an issue, please stop reading this post and message me immediately. The fête begins the moment [...]