Legos 2.0: Upgraded Wardrobe

Mon amie: What are you wearing for our cocktail date tomorrow? Moi: A black skirt. Holiday en Madrid Whhhhaaaatttttttt, is it not a black skirt? Non? She didn’t stay upset long.  Its hard to be angry at someone wearing a tutu. In "Legos" I discussed the (personalized) fundamentals of creating a sustainable wardrobe. Once you have [...]

Who Art Thou June?

It wasn’t until I started my blogging endeavor and created a business Instagram page that I discovered June Ambrose.  June Ambrose was in a queue of suggested verified persons of interest (that sounds very America’s Most Wanted-esq) that I should follow. Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and one of the Jenner offsprings, were also listed.   Needless [...]

Jeter dans le sac. Part Un: Coins.

Voules-vous un autre verre de champagne madame?  I never understood this question. I'll rephrase that. I literally understand the question. But figuratively, do I strike people as the type of person who would turn down a glass of champagne? “Oui, un autre verre de champagne s’il vous plait.”   Purchasing an item you’ve longed for, [...]