About Moi

I am the epitome of all things random.

At the age of 17, two days after graduating high school, I moved to the west coast to study Fashion Design with a minor in Art History.

Once graduating from design school, I lived in Milan then Istanbul to work in the fashion industry. After some time abroad, I returned to the States and switched careers.

I became a licensed funeral director.

The long hours (weekends, holidays, and overnight calls) at the funeral home was not a great fit for a then newly single mother. I decided to return to school and majored in Public Health and Safety with a minor en francais.

To keep my license valid, I continued to work at the funeral home, well after it was no longer my full-time job. On more occasions than one, I received inquiries from families to style them before and after the services they’d attended had concluded.

And just like that, things returned to fashion full circle.

I now independently run a flourishing all inclusive personal style advising business, in addition to blogging and hosting Style Experiences.

My 14+ years in the industry has given me experience in every aspect of fashion. From textile design in Florence to operating a showroom in the nations capital.

My days are filled to capacity and I have zero complaints. Personal style advising and blogging has truly exceeded my expectations. The connection, trust and relationships that have been built while aiding women display the best image of themselves is sobering.

If you’re interested in cultivating your style, styling existing pieces in your closet, or hosting a shopping Experience for you and your mes amies contact me below.

Ciao for now.