Bonjour mes amies! 

Over on IG, I asked mes amies to provide blog and video ideas so I could batch write in preparation for the birth of “Babiccina.” 

Let this post serve as a comprehensive guide for purchasing gifts for every personality type in your life that appreciates gifts outside of the standard box.

Without further adieu… let’s get to gifting.

Pour le voyageur

Most of the world is or will shortly be returning to lockdown/stay at home orders, that doesn’t mean the adventure has to end. 

While you may be unable to travel physically, you can take your tastebuds on a culinary voyage. Besides museums and shopping, traveling for taste is my favorite past time. 

Purchase international cookbooks from countries you or your beloved adventurer planned (or would like) to visit. 

To create a heightened experience, buy ethnic and fabulously flavorful herbs and spices. 

The SpiceSuite in Washington, D.C., is a fantastic source for global spices at domestic prices. 

Pour le luxe lover who detests labels

As much as j’adore monograms, there’s something très, très chic about the obscure. 

I absolutely adore when my pieces can’t be Googled, thus forcing admires to ask:

“where did you get that from?” 

Since I was an intern, making barely enough for lunch, I’ve shopped at The C.A.TWalk. Carolyn is the definition of a phenomenal woman. From the day I met her, she has supported and encouraged me to no end. 

Click here to see my all-time favorite piece from The CATWalk Boutique.

Pour le Feng Shui and Sade enthusiast

Candles, but not just any candle. Couture candles. 

I was introduced to LeneNicole Candle Co. via Instagram. After receiving such encouraging words and likes from this one account, I decided to check the page, and I’ve never looked back. 

As if candle making wasn’t fabuluex enough, I soon discovered that this was a woman-owned and operated business. Using only natural ingredients, I felt safe burning these belles while at the height of my nausea during this pregnancy. 

Did I mention the presentation? I can show you better than I can tell you. 

Pour la creative at heart

Gift your creative at heart amour (and yourself) with a Slay Me with Colorcoloring book filled to capacity with representation and diversity. 

There’s nothing like seeing yourself reflected in such beauty and art.  

Pour le abstract “accessorizer”

I am admittedly the MOST conservative when it comes to earrings. HOWEVER, I am always lusting over le avant-garde pieces at Modish Muse.  

I’m going to shock you all one day and trade my pearls for something glittery that swirls.  

Pour le High Maintenance (COVID-19 Forced) Homebody

Since receiving this polish, I am in LOVE!

I’ve found myself repainting my nails twice a week because I want to wear another fabuleux color. 

This kit comes with everything you need to create the most luxurious at-home manicure.

Pour le fashionista who adores le arts

Fashionable framed art is definitely the way to go. The prints above were a gift from a dear friend, but I have quickly fallen in love with the fashion illustrations of Shawna McGee

Shawna McGee

Et voila mes amies! If I have forgotten a personality type in your life, please comment below. I’ll be certain to update this post.

If you purchase from any of the shops I’ve featured, be kind and tell them that Jessie from Cappuccinos and Consignment sent you.

What am I asking Santa for this Christmas you ask?

I’ve been good all year.

Merci Dawnlogo for creating this HILARIOUS GIF

Ciao for now 💋


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