Haute Hosiery

Of course, I can remember where I was and what I was wearing the MOMENT I saw Gucci’s logo hosiery.

I was SOLD. Instantaneously.

But then, just when I had made my final decision to enter the realm of designer hosiery, I was halted.

The infamous interlocking black GG webbed hose was sold out everywhere.

And then, just when I’d given up on the idea, I spotted Fendi’s edition.

To my absolute delight, they weren’t sold out. Once I saw the price, I realized why they were so readily available (as opposed to the Gucci more “affordable” version.)

Un petit backstory. Luxury hosiery and lingerie is my forte. I’ve disclosed in a previous blog post the hefty price I’ve paid for said obsessions.

I typically make my pricey, but well “worth” it négligée and hosiery purchases while in the EU.

Fast forward to the day I wore the belles. As I slid the ever so gorgeous hose up my legs (I have a 36″/91cm inseam, that’s a lot of sliding) with each FF that reviled itself, I had zero regrets.

I strutted through two cities in one day wearing these belles and basted in every compliment I received.

With all of the compliments I received, there were a couple of sobering ones:

1. How much did they cost?

2. Were they worth the price?

As I always state when I’m asked the “worth” question:

Worth is subjective.

There are so many things that I deem “unworthy” of my money. Parking garages, and paper towels, to name a couple.

I will say if you’re still considering making a haute hosiery purchase, do consider the following:

1. While it is Haute, and be that as it may, do not forget that it is hosiery. Hosiery will do what it does best, run and tear.

Vintage mes amies can attest, by the time my Fendi tights were done (with me), they’d been turned into a stocking cap for #jujuthecamerakid.

#ootd before an international weekend getaway feat. FF hosiery.

2. If you have to save for them, perhaps this isn’t a good “investment.” Without devaluing Haute hosiery’s”worth,” I can admit that this would not have been a consideration years ago. My finances were totally different less than six years ago.

I would suggest using the $100.00-$350.00 (cost of Haute hosiery) towards a more sustainable purchase, at or the least an SLG.

3. Returns aren’t so easy. With most luxury goods, there is the perk of being able to return or have a damaged item repaired. Hosiery is considered intimate apparel. As with most intimate apparel, making a return can be questionable at the least or not an option at the worse.

With all of the aforementioned notes in mind, I still purchased Gucci’s hosiery. But not the “standard” webbed edition.

https://rstyle.me/cz-n/ezqsjydbkbfI wanted to “invest” in a pair that seemed “worth” it. When I made this purchase, I decided to upgrade from the hose to the tights.

The tights were (much) more than the original GG stockings I’d fallen in love with initially. But mes amies, I am happy to report that they are still in form, no runs or tears.

Of course I must know, do you own or have you considered purchasing Haute hosiery?

Do you think they’re worth it?

Ciao for now 💋

PS…am I the only person who always puts the wrong foot in first?


  1. Torvia Young

    Thank you for the insight! I’m definitely getting the Gucci tights! 🥰

  2. The ones from Fendi are so beautiful. Especially with that outfit. Enjoyed reading this.

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. The Fendi pair was definitely my favorite. I’m still heartbroken that they’ve ripped to shreds 😫

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