Don’t Settle: Saving for What You Really Want.

“Oh now that is a winner. Take a look at yourself in the mirror.” Insisted the immaculately poised SA.

“I cannot not buy this. I have enough money to purchase this right now.” I mumbled while reasoning with myself.

“I concur, I cannot, not have this belle.” I obliged while glancing at my reflection in the dimly lit boutique with a flute of champagne in hand.

The item of my (momentary) affection was a Chanel caviar leather WOC.

The piece was très magnifique. The dotting SA, abundance of champagne and just enough money in my luxury spending account, this purchase was a no brainer.

Un petit backstory.

After years of earning less than 20k a year as a single mother and living in a space that I was honestly ashamed of, I had finally purchased my first home. Not just any home, but a home in the Nations Capital.

As a reward for years of saving and extreme sacrifice, I told myself that I would buy a Chanel flap for my accomplishments.

Now, back to gazing in the mirror at the Chanel boutique.

After the last sip, I was ready.

I was ready to make le grand purchase.

As I handed the Chanel WOC to my SA as confirmation of my decision to purchase, I didn’t “GASP.”

Mes amies can attest unless I gasp, it isn’t official.

I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t thrilled. After all, I was living my dream. I had purchased a home for my son and me; I’d furnished our new house without any credit card debt, and now I was sipping champagne in Chanel, ready to make a purchase.

As I handed over my card, I stopped.

“Do you want to use another card?” The SA inquired.

“I’m not in love,” I admitted.

“I’m not understanding.” Replied the confused SA.

“I’m settling,” I confessed to the SA.

Mes amies can also attest that I have never met a stranger.

After a few brief moments, I’d shared my recent achievements of purchasing a home, the years of struggling with my child while working minimum wage, graduating, my new career, and boost in income said career provided.

“It appears that you have never settled for less. Don’t start now. I won’t let you make this purchase. Continue to save for what you really want.” Encouraged the SA.

Instant gratification is just that, instant. It’s also fleeting.

Since entering the world of luxury shopping I have always followed my self restrictive rule:

I only spend what I can save.

I had saved enough money to buy the WOC and place that same amount of money in my savings account.

I hadn’t, however, saved enough money to purchase a Chanel jumbo flap and save the same amount of money.

Until this day, I am so proud of myself for not settling. Luxury shoppers know, Chanel WOC aren’t exactly inexpensive.

Had I made that instant gratification purchase, not only would I have not purchased what my heart desired, but I would also have had to wait and save even longer to buy what I really wanted, eventually.

It’s so tempting mes amies to purchase whatever you can afford at the moment, whether it’s for instant gratification or merely for the desire to “unbox” on social media.

Trust me when I say, DO NOT SETTLE, s’il vous plaît.

You’ll only find yourself hoping to resell said purchase or looking at it collect dust in your closet as you save for what you initially wanted.

Have you ever settled for an instant gratification purchase?

Of course I’m longing to hear.

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Ciao for now 💋


  1. Stephanie P.

    Everything i purchase is instant gratification because it’s mostly FOOD 😂😂 However, I understand this post. If I don’t get excited when I try something on I know it’s a no go & I put it back.

    • LMMMMBBBOOOOO! Food didn’t even cross my mind. But how suiting. The Husband and I went to dinner last night, and the $80 steak he ordered turned out to be three SLITHERS of beef. Thinner than Murray’s “steak’ums” 😩😤😂

  2. Wanda Dawn

    I once purchased a Gucci scarf that I loved, but I loved it with the matching bag. I purchased the scarf to prove a point. I was browsing in an airport boutique and the SAs were fawning over the businessmen of a different hue. I was ignored! Neither of businessmen purchased, but I did. I always meant to order the bag, but never did because it wasn’t initially on my list. Of course, after the SAs saw I wasn’t just looking as it should be perfectly okay to do so; they fawned over me. Yes, lesson learned!

    • Omg! I KNOW that feeling ALLLLLLL too well. I discussed that in another blog, “How Do You Say Pressure en Francais.” When I first started luxury shopping, I did the same thing; I wanted to prove that I could/should be there. Thank God for growth!

  3. Sharde

    I am so grateful for this post as it is now my constant reminder in life; whether when shopping or making a decision that’ll affect my happiness. My most recent encounter was while thrifting and I found a jacket “similar” to one I had been wanting for a year now. The fit was excellent and so was the price but there were minor details about it that I wanted to change. After debating whether or not to take it home, this post came to my mind and my decision became that simple. Don’t settle. So I left it and don’t have buyers remorse. Thank you Jesse ❤️

    • Ma chérie ! This makes me so happy! You truly made a difficult choice. So many times we compromise because its on sale, clearance, etc. I don’t care if it’s $2 or $2,000… it’s money! Hard earned money. Keep it up ma chérie and never settle.

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