How do you say CLICHÉ en francais?

Madame, did you increase your 401k contributions? inquires Jessie. “Put that at the top of your to-do list today s’il vous plait.”

Moments after the 401k convo. Jessie finalizes purchase at Louis Vuitton.

“Whatttttttttt! ONLY $2850.00 for a maxi CHANEL flap!? That’s a no brainer…BUY IT. NOW!” squeals Jessie.

These are both conversations that I have had within the last duex-jours avec mes amies.

I am often asked how I can “preach” financial literacy while always posting pictures of luxury shopping-capades.

Its elementary my dear, flexibilty. Not balance.

I rarely use the term “balance” because it’s truly unrealistic in so many aspects of life (and wine.) Once something is off-balance, it is often hard to regain the previous stable state. Think dieting. So often I hear people speak about new diets they’re starting. Within a few weeks, I hear nothing else about it. When I ask how everything is coming along, they often disclose that they’d beigned on an entire pot of pasta so they’ve completely given up on the diet.

Instead, be flexible. Flexibility gives way to real life. If you so happen to eat a box of chocolate chip cookies, flexibility allows you to redeem yourself after small hiccups by meal prepping and eating healthy for the remainder of the week. This applies to finances as well. At the beginning of the year most people create strict “balanced” budgets. By mid-Feb they’ve already gone astray. Instead of revamping i.e being flexible with their lapses in judgement, they completely scrap their savings plan and vow to start again more balanced than ever next year.

Bend so that you do not break.

There will be days/seasons when you hoard away all of your silver dollars. There will be other times when you “jeter dans le sac.” The key is to have a wholesome and healthy plan, while being flexible AND realistic.

I explained briefly in “jeter dans le sac” that prior to making a major purchase, I ensure that I have already saved half of the total purchase (including sales tax if applicable) to place in my savings.  I adopted this method to:

  1. Alleviate guilt (you’d be surprised how often people shame you for the amount you spend on shoes, purses, etc.)
  2. Minimize how often I “splurge” (that term is extremely subjective)

It is truly possible to live life to its absolute fullest, while being responsible.  I am an advocate for enjoying whatever it is that you love, within (your personal) reason. 

Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once) is extremely catchy but it can also lead to very irresponsible decision making. 

Instead, live by the motto:

Enjoy today, but be prepared for tomorrow. 

A few weeks after the 401k convo. Jessie finalizing another purchase at Louis Vuitton.

As detailed in “Je suis desole” I advised everyone to enjoy the fruits of their labor, because we don’t know if today is our last. Whether that be a road trip, international getaway, a pricey face mask or turning off your phone and taking a lavender infused bubble bath while streaming your favorite show. What and how you splurge is totally your choice and you should feel ZERO guilt.

It’s ok to be all of the things.

A health food junkie that loves pop tarts. A financial advisor who “splurges.” A sober sommelier, yes they do exist!

I am who I am. A positive contradiction.

Je suis Jessie, le flexible cliché.

Everything sounds better en francais!

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