Je suis desole, What are you waiting for?

“They never have honey goat cheese in stock when you need it” I irritably uttered to mon petit lad while shopping at a discount European grocery shop.

“What about this mum?” He asked while barely securing a wheel of brie pinched between his index finger and thumb.

We have brie at home baby, I’ll get plain goat cheese instead” I resolved.

“Well aren’t you two fancy! Where are you all coming from or heading too this fine Sunday?” The cashier asked.

“Home and home” Mon petit lad confirmed.

“WOW! You put a fur on to come here?” The cashier questioned while air tracing her hands around the parameter of the store.

Oui madame, if not here, where?” I asked.

Having a beer in Berlin.

I’ve grown accustomed to having these conversations with strangers. Actually, I’ve had to have this conversation with my husband. For reasons unknown to me, people are perplexed as to why I would wear a fur to a discount grocery chain, or ten strands of fresh water pearls to a superhero movie opening.

My response is simply, why not?

What exactly am I waiting for?

Walking to work.

Within the last few years I have gone to great lengths to purchase quality, not quantity. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for fine fabrics and construction but I couldn’t afford it. So I would sprinkle thrifted well made pieces into an overly stuffed fast fashion wardrobe. Now that my wardrobe consists of the exact opposite (more quality pieces with sprinkles of fast fashion) I have made a point to wear the garments I worked extremely hard for. Doing so also decreases my cost-per-wear tremendously.

After spending thousands of dollars on a purse or coat, I couldn’t fathom “saving it” for a special occasion.

Who dictates what is special?

Perhaps spending an exceptionally cold winter morning with mon petit lad shopping for fromage is a special occasion pour moi. Perhaps I’m adorned in pearls catching a matinee avec mon husband et petit lad after a lengthy hospital stay, in which this outing is particularly special pour moi.

Only you can determine what is special to and for you, no one else.

Driving less than 2 mi from home.

Years of working as a licensed embalmer taught me so much; anatomy and physiology, grief counseling, chemical compounds and restorative arts to name a bit. However, the most valuable lesson I learned as an “undertaker” is to never take life for granted.

What if tomorrow never comes?

What if you that dress you saved over two months to purchase is placed in a Salvation Army donation bag with tags still attached due to your untimely death? When finding an unbelievably designed or designer piece while thrifting, I always wonder who would give this away? And then I think, this Pierre Cardin cashmere coat could’ve been owned by a modest cleaning woman who set aside money each check to buy it from the department store she cleaned at night. And it breaks my heart to even surmise that she may have never worn it, because she was waiting to wear it somewhere special.

By no means did I write this post with a grim or morbid heart. I wrote this post with the hopes of encouraging everyone to not wait.

En route to a BBQ

Drink the special bottle of wine or champagne you got on your first international trip or was gifted. Sidebar most wines are not meant to be stored for over three-years. And I’m certain you’re storing it wrong anyway, side eye. So drink it! Before it goes bad.

Wear the ruby necklace your grandmother gave you before she passed away.

Take the trip you’ve been contemplating versus saving it for a future spouse or significant age.

I don’t wait.

I enjoy all of the movements.

Every morning when I am given an opportunity to experience a new day, I cherish it. I cherish the morning kiss from my husband. I cherish the morning hug from mon petit lad. I cherish the first sip of a cappuccino while running my hand down a single strand of pearls on my necklace.

Every occasion is special to me.

And everyday of winter deserves a fur.

What are you waiting for?

Is there something you’ve been saving for a perfect time? I’d love to hear about it.

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