Secure the Bag, Deux: Buying Pre-loved

SBWSB is a follow up to “Secure the Bag, While Securing THE Bag.”

To understand how I always receive such amazing designer deals you must first read “Death Becomes Her

She’s in a better home now

In conjunction to appeasing the designer deities and not making a sacrifice many years ago, I’ve also paid it forward. Two years ago I sold an AHHH-MAAAA-ZIINGGGG Vert Yves Saint Laurent top handle bag to a lovely and deserving young lady for an unbelievable price.

That good deed did NOT go unpunished.

While enjoying my morning cappuccino, I received an alert that a monogram Louis Vuitton GM would be posted in moments and pour MOI, I would receive an exclusive deal (price listed in “Death Becomes Her.”)

I placed the order INSTANTLY.

Less than two-weeks later my nouveau bébé arrived!

Où ai-je acheté ceci bébé ?


I’ve read so many awful experiences about the app regarding designer goods that I was truly reluctant to even try. But I trusted the designer deities and took the leap of faith, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Here are trois tips to use when purchasing designer goods from Poshmark

Un. It’s not you, it’s me.

Are their customer reviews to your standards? Are they defensive or dismissive if you question authenticity? While questioning the authenticity of someones goods in day-to-day life is a bit (alot) uncouth, when selling/buying designer goods, questioning authenticity is a MUST and should be expected.

Deux. What else you got?

Does the seller have other designer goods for sale? While this tip is definitely a bit grey, I do advise everyone to check the other items the seller has listed for sale. There’s something a bit unsettling about seeing a $1,000 Balenciaga clutch for sale next to $0.99 Old Navy flip flops.

j’adore moi some Martin

Trois. I’ll pay the 5

I have made a point to ONLY purchase or search for items that cost more than $500. Why? Because it’s authenticated by certified luxury experts at Poshmark’s headquarters. However, this tip also has areas of gray. Certainly do not over pay for an item just to met the $500 authenticity mark. If an item retails for less than $500 DO NOT pay more on Posh. The rule of 5 applies to items that appears “too good to be true.”

Case in point, I have a Caviar Leather Canary CHANEL cardholder for sale for $300. I’d be foolish to think that I could get $500 for the beau because it retails for a little over $500. Now back to moi nouveau bébé! Prior to receiving moi nouveau bébé (what shall I name her?) the seller had to ship the bag, proof of purchase, and any other supporting documents to Posh for the bag to be thoroughly examined. After three days at HQ, I received these notifications:

Thus far, I am completely thrilled with my purchase and extremely excited to share the deals avec vous!

For a limited time, use my code CAPPSANDCONS to save $10:

Do you Posh?

I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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Lastly, peruse my Posh Closet: @cappsandcons

Ciao for now 💋


  1. Katrina Washington

    Love the Title and Martin gif. You know I love CHANEL and you know of all your bags my favorite one you sold 😩. I wish I knew how she is doing lol

  2. Tracie Hi

    I ordered my first “pre-loved” bag last week! I just got the alert that it has been delivered and I’m soooo excited!!! Thanks Miss Cappuccinos and Consignments f

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